Year 2

Here’s the AO Year 2 Booklist.

Here’s the Mater Amabilis 1a Syllabus.

This is how I’m planning Year 2 for Kid Dos. She will be doing some things together with Kid Tres, and I’ll be reading aloud to her. I expect very little independent work from her. (T) stands for when she and Kid Tres are combined.

Bible/Spiritual Reading: I read aloud, she narrates orally

AO Scheduled Overview of Genesis and Matthew

More Saints (T)

Memorize and Recite one Bible passage per term

History/Biographies: I read aloud, she narrates orally, we find places on the globe or maps, I help her enter people and events on her timeline every three weeks

Child’s History of the World: first half of the book

Joan of Arc 

Little Duke (T)

Geography/Cultures: I read aloud, she narrates orally, we find places on the globe or maps

Tree in the Trail (T)

Seabird (T)

Nature Study/Science: This year, I am revamping how we use Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding. I used volume one to organize her science readings. These are mostly books from the Let’s Read and Find Out series. I may also use some books from the All About… series or the First Book of …. series, which are a little more (or a lot, depending on the book) advanced. We will read, and discuss (rather than narrate), and I hope to incorporate projects, experiences, and some documentaries. We may do some of this with another family.

BFSU Topics for this year (T): Organizing Things into Categories; Solids, Liquids, Gases; Air is a Substance; Gravity; Distinguishing Between Living, Non-Living, Man-made; Plant and Animal Kingdoms; Materials; Concepts of Energy; Kinetic and Potential Energy; Matter’s Particulate Nature; Sound, Vibrations, and Energy; Concepts of Energy; Day and Night and the Earth’s Rotation, Reading and Drawing Maps; Magnets and Magnetic Fields; Air Pressure and Earth’s Atmosphere; Air; Evaporation and Condensation

Nature Journal: draw assigned topic every week. I’ll probably line up the topics with BFSU  or outdoor explorations as much as possible

Among the … People (T): read aloud one third of the book this year, and narrate

One Small Square series (T): I’ll probably keep reading this the way we have been (4 per year aloud and narrate), but if there’s a time crunch I may roll them into our other science readings, or take a break.

Literature: read aloud and narrate orally or with drawings

Lamb’s Shakespeare (T)

Understood Betsy (T)

Wind in the Willows (T)

Robin Hood (T)

Poetry: read aloud together daily, one poet per term, memorize and recite one poem per term

Walter de la Mare, James Whitcomb Riley, Christina Rossetti


Ray’s Primary–daily: continue multiplication and division. Mostly verbally with me. We also need to cover place value because I forgot to last year.

Miquon–2-3x per week; she can do this mostly independently

I Love Math series–1x per week; she reads these books independently


McGuffey’s 2nd Reader: she reads aloud to me daily

Fiction: she does not love reading fiction (prefers non-fiction), so I will have her choose one book from the free reads options to complete about every four weeks


Rod&Staff Penmanship–she copies 2 pp. every 3 days. Finish Grade 2 and probably Grade 3.


Drawing Textbook: continue from last year, one lesson daily

Finish the Usborne Art Treasury and begin Scott Foresman: pick one project to complete weekly

Handicraft/Skill: work on a project or skill every week

Picture Study: one artist per term, one painting each week, Mary Cassat, John James Audubon,  and someone else


Piano Lessons: weekly

Hymn (T): three hymns/worship songs each term, sung together 2-3x per week

Appreciation: 3 genres per term to listen to 2-3x per week (polka, jazz, marches, celtic, rag, gospel, bluegrass, showtunes, hip hop)

Sport/Physical Activity: probably weekly, depending on her interests this year

Foreign Language: Duolingo languages of her choice or Salsa Spanish (T) episodes, maybe weekly if she is interested. This is low priority at this age.

Outdoor Exploration: at least monthly. This is usually a family activity, like camping or playing in a stream or visiting a farm or zoo…

Cultural Event: at least monthly. This is usually a family activity like attending a ballet or concert, visiting a museum or art show…

Service:at least monthly. This is usually a family activity like community service with our church, doing something kind for a neighbor, visiting a nursing home…

That’s the plan!










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