Me–a homeschooling mom (but you’ve figured that out already) of six (no, we aren’t done; yes, we want more; no, we aren’t Mormon…or Catholic….) children ages 9, 7, 6, 4, 2, and 7 months.  We spent our first six years of marriage in the capital of the nation, and then relocated back to the west. DH has a background in basketball and law. I have a background in many things, most recently outdoor recreation and remodeling houses. When I have free time, I like to recreate outdoors, sew, read, organize, and research (not necessarily in that order). I like wool, (especially merino and cashmere), bonsai (mostly when I don’t kill it), and red wine (boxed), among other things.


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  1. Leslie

    Oh my gosh!!!! I just stumbled on your website yesterday, 8/2/2019, and boy I was so relieved! I hate the CM AO history. I just hate it and I’ve dropped all of her books, especially Our Island Story, Trail and Triumph, and This Country of Ours. I’m also completely over Shakespeare and have set him to the side only likely to occasionally come back to his works. I’ve struggled (for various personal reasons) and not found any good way to do history or what resources to use so I’m excited to review what you have. I have, however, already gone ahead and substituted Shakespeare with Tolkien, he has enough written material to last and we truly just love his work. Hahaha!! I have seven children, and ….. we were once mormon but have left that church in the last several years. Your bio is too funny!


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