Year 5

Here’s the AO Year 5 Booklist.

Here’s the Mater Amabilis Year 5 Booklist.

Here are the form schedules for Year 5.

And here’s how we’re planning Year 5 for Kid Uno (in progress):

This year, I want to do a much better job of introducing each book, explicitly explaining why she will be reading it, checking for geographical and historic background knowledge, and talking about a few things she should keep in mind or what I hope she gets from it. I think it will help her readings be more profitable.

Bible/Spiritual Reading: She reads and does oral or drawn narration

Song of Solomon, Jonah?, 1&2 Timothy?

End of the Spear, The Robe, Susanna Wesley ?

Memorize and Recite one Bible passage per term

History/Biographies: Theme for the year is North American history. Pre-history-1776. We’ll spend the first term on Mesoamerican and North American Indian cultures. Probably using The Native Americans: An Illustrated History, possibly Before Columbus: the Americas of 1491 (mainly for the pictures). I would love to find something good to read about the Great Basin groups. There will also be a couple bios: Maria Tallchief, Chester Nez, maybe a couple more. My goals are for Kid Uno to have an idea of the diverse civilizations which existed in the Americas before European contact, and to realize that Indians are still real people today.

The next two terms will be reading Landmark bios through 1776. Maybe one per week. I want to include Spanish influence and Canadian explorers. She will read, map, and write narrations. I may have her do a little timeline specifically for American history. Every three weeks, she enters people and events in her Book of Centuries.

Geography/Cultures: Halliburton’s Book of Marvels–the Occident. May add optional travel documentaries. Last year was a heavy geography focus, so this year will be light.

Civics: Plutarch’s Lives. Two parallel lives per term. I need to either pre-read or read with her since I’ve never read Plutarch. I think we’ll just start at the beginning; AO suggests starting with Poplicola, but I don’t know why.

Memorize the first verse of The Star Spangled Banner and the Preamble to the Constitution. W may also read some founding documents but I may wait for a future year.

Nature Study/Science:

One term will be inventions:  Women Invent!,  Great Inventors and Their Inventions 

One term will be weather: Kid’s Book of Weather Forecasting, Weather Book, All About the Weather

One term will probably be a local naturalist book: Desert Solitaire, since we are close to Arches and Moab, or One Day at Teton Marsh, since that ecosystem is very similar to the Uintas, where we camp and hike. Maybe both; they are pretty short.

And some runners-up: View from the Oak, One Day on Beetle Rock, Great Men of Medicine, Great Auk, All About Great Rivers of the World (w/ Kids Dos and Tres), All About the Atom, Insects by Fabre, Next Wave, Sound and Ultrasonics, Wheels,


Nature Journal: draw assigned topic every week. I’ll probably line up the topics with BFSU  or outdoor explorations as much as possible

Literature: read and narrate orally or with drawings

Shakespeare:  Our library has several of the Arkangel recordings, so listening to the audio of Richard II, Twelfth Night, and King Lear. And I’ll try to find some good movies. We are not going to actually read them yet (although I have the Complete Works so if she listens to the audio she could follow along).

Mythology: Continue Bullfinch, according to the AO schedule.

The Story of King Arthur and His Knights

Oliver Twist

undecided for 3rd option: Probably To Kill a Mockingbird. Possibly Coral Island/Lord of the Flies. Or the Giver.

Poetry: read aloud together daily, one poet per term, memorize and recite one long poem learned over the year

Longfellow, Walt Whitman, Naomi Shihab Nye?, Simon Ortiz?


Ray’s Intellectual, Practical, and Test–daily: Finish fractions this year, and start ratio? I explain, assign, and check her work.

Strayer Upton Yellow book: first half. Probably alternate with Ray’s

Supplements: Number Stories of Long Ago, Khan Academy (for geometry)


McGuffey’s Fourth Reader: she reads aloud to me 2x per week. Finish this year.

Non-fiction: she does not love reading fiction (prefers fiction), so I will have her choose one book from several non-fiction options to complete every couple weeks


Prepared Dictation: We started dictation last year, but I don’t think it went great. I may continue with it, but I may drop it since she is doing grammar, and will be doing copywork weekly. Or maybe dictation will cover copywork? It seems redundant to do all three of those.

Grammar: She’ll continue Rod&Staff 5. A couple lessons a week. It  is very thorough, so I won’t assign everything.

Typing: I’d like her to learn to accurately type 30wpm this year. Probably Mavis Beacon or

Copywork: Weekly to maintain cursive skills. Maybe the Declaration of Independence 🙂


Drawing/Art Project: Arttango is the top contender at the moment.

Handicraft/Skill: work on a project or skill every week. I have a feeling cooking/baking will continue as a favorite 😉

Picture Study: one artist per term, one painting each week.  Pre-Raphaelites, ?, ?


Violin Lessons: decide whether to continue, and find a new teacher

Hymn (T): three hymns/worship songs each term, sung together 2-3x per week

Appreciation: 3 genres ?? per term to listen to 2-3x per week

Sport/Physical Activity: Ballet. Probably 2-3 classes per week.

Foreign Language: Duolingo languages of her choice or Salsa Spanish (T) episodes, a little bit every week.

Outdoor Exploration: at least monthly. This is usually a family activity, like camping or playing in a stream or visiting a farm or zoo…

Cultural Event: at least monthly. This is usually a family activity like attending a ballet or concert, visiting a museum or art show…

Service:at least monthly. This is usually a family activity like community service with our church, doing something kind for a neighbor, visiting a nursing home…

And that is….a lot! We’ll see how it turns out.




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