Year 6

Here’s the AO Year 6 Booklist.

Here’s the Mater Amabilis Level 3 Syllabus. This covers Year 6 AND 7.

And some brainstorming for Kid Uno:

Spiritual Reading: Hiding Place (Corie Ten Boom). Screwtape?

American History: (2nd half) w/ Landmarks bios. I think I’ll let her pick one from each segment. Continue American History Cooking.

Piano? Hoffman Academy.

Geography: Halliburton Marvels Orient

Lit: Shakespeare movies. Bullfinch (w/ Naomi). Illiad and Odyssey (Sutcliff?) Huck Finn? Ben Hur? Scarlet Pimpernel? The Giver? Ivanhoe?

Poetry: Naomi Shihab Nye. Robert Frost. Ogden Nash.

Art, Nature Study, some Music, some Poetry, Science….w/ FIAR (at least Term 1): Children’s book illustrators. She can help direct some art projects for younger kids.

Civics: Plutarch

Grammar: Rod & Staff 6 or 7

Math: SU Yellow 2nd half. Rays Intellectual.

Spanish: Duo





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