Year 0

In our family, pre-K and K consist of lots of daily read alouds, lots of daily outdoor time, and lots of experiencing life together. When our kids turn five, they officially graduate from little kid status to big kid status. Little kids nap several hours every day after lunch, and don’t have regular chores (they mainly focus on learning to obey, to be kind, and to be helpful). Big kids have an afternoon rest time instead of naps, and they start “doing school” 3-4 days a week. For the first two, it was reading lessons and handwriting, for the third it was handwriting and then some math. They also do regular chores. And then somewhere around age 6, they start Year 1.

Here’s the AO Year 0 Booklist .

Here’s the Mater Amabilis Pre-K Syllabus and the K Syllabus.

We mainly read books from the Sonlight P 4/5 and  Core A Read Alouds and Science (I don’t really care for their History and Geography selections for those levels).

And I love the FIAR Booklists for picture books (there are 4 volumes of booklists). The kids love ’em too. 🙂

For math, we start with Ray’s New Primary Arithmetic (the version published by Mott Media).

For printing, I hand them this workbook: Handwriting: Printing, Grades Preschool and Up (Brighter Child Workbooks).

And for learning to read, we plow through Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. When they finish that, they continue learning phonics with Phonics Pathways, and read aloud from the McGuffey’s Readers (also published by Mott Media).

Wee Folk Art is a great site for project and field trip ideas.









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