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Wrapping Up Year 3 With Kid Tres

Average weekly time: Together (5), alone (10), total hours (15)


Rate each book (like, neutral, dislike).

Add a few comments (my comments are italicized).

Any changes for next child or next year?


Bible/Spiritual Reading


Like. It’s very interesting.

Like. I read it 1x or 2x per week at lunchtime to all the kids. Then I ask  a question or two each. I like the narrative approach to the Bible.

Little Pilgrim’s Progress

Like. Love it! So exciting.

Like. So much better than Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress (at least for the 5-10 age bracket).

My Path to Heaven

Neutral. It’s pretty boring. But then, it doesn’t take that long.

Like. It’s a bit dry. But worthwhile. He and Kid Dos did it together.



Child’s History Of the World (2nd half)

Like. Love it! It tells so much about history.

Like. Third time around and it’s still a keeper.

Signature Bios: Teddy Roosevelt, GW Carver, Geronimo, Edith Cavell, Annie Oakley, JP Jones, Abe Lincoln, Pocahontas, Lafayette,FDR

Like. They’re all very interesting. All of them.

Like. He read these at his own pace.


Neutral. It’s fun writing them, but it takes quite a while if you have a lot of stuff to do.

Neutral. I don’t know how much sticks, but we only do it every 3 weeks so it’s not much effort.




Neutral. How they can bike across Russia stood out to me.

Like. Good adventure story and decent geography.

Little Tiger

Dislike. It’s about an artist. It’s boring.

Neutral. I don’t think he got much from it.

Children of China

Dislike. Boring again.

Neutral. I don’t think he got much from this either, but I think it depends on the kid.

Water Buffalo

Like. Tells about his life and how he lives and hunts crabs and stuff.

Like. I was going to read it aloud but he did fine reading to himself.


Nature Study/Science


Neutral. Took a while but it was fun how he gets to share a shell.

Like. But I am so glad I didn’t read it aloud this time around. I hate reading it, and he did great reading it himself.

Wild Season

Like. I didn’t like it and then it was fun.

Like. He illustrated the narrations and they were the best illustrations ever.

Among the People

Like. Love it! It’s all about animals.

Like. We had fun laughing at the silly/naughty animals and morals.

Small Square: Woods, Coral Reef, Seashore

Dislike. Tells about animals in a boring way.

Neutral. I’m getting a little tired of reading them out loud and may switch to something else next year. They are starting to feel a bit Usborne-y.

Nature Journal

Neutral. We have to draw for 10 minutes (too long). But I like that you get to draw all kinds of different stuff.

Neutral. I’ve had a hard time getting any of the kids to put any effort into them. I may do more directed nature journals or do object lessons next year.




Neutral. The bad thing was it took so long, and the good thing was it’s about her life.

Like. Long chapters but such a good read-aloud , and he probably wouldn’t have read it on his own.


Neutral. He’s so disobedient and it’s funny. I feel like it’s bad for kids if they’re young it’s not doing the right example.

Neutral. I’m not sure why this has been so popular over time; seems like the moral is “go to school and be obedient.” Ours had some very funny translations.


Dislike. It take so long and everyone falls in love.

Like. I did drawings for about the first half of each play so we could keep everyone straight.

American Tall Tales

Like. Love it! It’s so funny and it doesn’t make you believe anything. It just gets crazier and crazier.

Like. He enjoyed it.

People Could Fly

Like. Awesome. There are lots of ones about devils. I like John and the Devil’s Daughter.

Like. He was fine reading the dialect and really liked it.


Dislike. Awful, just plain awful.

Neutral. This was challenging for him….not sure why.

Princess and Goblin

Dislike. Awful. It took so long and I had to read 3 chapters [per week] and it was so boring.

Like. He didn’t like it but I think it was worthwhile.

By the Shores of Silver Lake

Like. That was fun, that was great, that was awesome.

Like. He got into the Little House books this year.

Milly Molly Mandy

Like. It’s so fun.

Like. This was one of his first chapter books that he finished himself this year.



Shakespeare Sonnets and Love Poems

Dislike. Just so boring.

Dislike. Not a success.

Ogden Nash

Dislike. I don’t remember it.

Neutral. Funny, but totally over kids’ heads.



SU 3rd Grade

Dislike. Such hard stuff and tests.

Like. SU is so easy to use.

Ray’s Intellectual

Dislike. It took so long.

Like. 10 minutes about 3x/week  and is good mental math.


Neutral. Only the fun ones were good, which were barely any. I like evens and odds and stuff.

Like. Still good for him.



Pentime Handwriting

Dislike. I hate writing the long paragraphs with seven things in it.

Like. But he’s been getting away with spending 3 days on 2 pages and needs to work harder next year.



McGuffey 3rd

Dislike. There are lots of long ones and about really boring stuff like “The Rainbow.”

Like. Lol—boring but good practice reading aloud.


Foreign Language

Duolingo Norwegian, Chinese, Spanish, Greek, Hebrew

Like. You get to learn so much stuff and buy stuff with lingots.

Neutral. I think the kids spend a lot of time on the computer and I have no idea how much actual language learning is going on.



Drawing: Animals

Neutral. I like that you draw all different kinds of animals and some were really hard, though.

Like. Not difficult.

Colored Pencil

Dislike. It’s so hard and I could get nothing lined up.

Like. He did some really good drawings.


Picture Study

Five In A Row (Children’s Books)

Like. I didn’t like Grandfather’s Journey though.

Like. I really enjoyed doing FIAR this year.



Hoffman Academy Piano

Dislike. It takes forever and teaches such hard stuff. From Hot Cross Buns to Cuckoo.

Neutral. It’s free and is self-teaching. Kids Tres and Cuatro especially learned from it since they started from zero musical knowledge.  I’d really like to get real music lessons next year.


Overall Evaluation:

Future Children? Make the stuff a bit easier. Don’t give them as much SU.

Maybe switch science read alouds for my sake. Limit time spent on Duo.


Next Year? Maybe a bit less or as much instead of more SU. It’s fun but only division. Give me more history books that are fun and don’t take too long.

Find a music teacher. Maybe switch to video drawing lessons for a bit. Follow up on lists and time management. I think I’ll go back to individual poetry and picture study.





Kid Uno’s Year 3 Course of Study

This is how we PLANNED to do Year 3 with Kid Uno. I’ve noted where we have dropped, added, or substituted books. There are a lot of changes from the Ambleside Online suggestions. Here’s the evaluation of how it went: Year 3 Wrap Up for Kid Uno

Disclaimer: Kid Uno is a strong, voracious reader. She will read anything I throw at her. This year will probably look different for my other kids, who may not be at a similar reading level at this age.


  • (Daily) Continue reading Third McGuffey Reader aloud daily (probably moving on to the Fourth). Define vocabulary words, talk about grammar and types of writing, correct pronunciation.


  • (Daily) Copywork from the Pentime Grade 6 Cursive book, about 1/3 of a lesson each day. Move to next level when she finishes.
  • (2-3 Weekly) Begin dictation: study a sentence from McGuffey or a lit book, write as it’s dictated slowly, compare, and correct.


  • (Daily) Work through the third year of Ray’s Practical and Ray’s Intellectual as recommended by the Eclectic Manual. The Ray’s Test Examples has extra problems for more practice, and the Ray’s Key is coming in handy for checking. Memorize multiplication and division flashcards at the beginning of the year to improve speed.
  • (2-3 Weekly) Work through the rest of Miquon series (starting with Blue), probably 6-9 pages weekly.
  • (Weekly) I’ll read her one or two lessons from the Life of Fred series (picking up where we left off in Edgewood). Or she will read independently because I am getting tired of Fred. She’ll write the answers on paper or a whiteboard.
  • (Weekly) Choose a living math book to read for 20-30 minutes. I need to find more titles from the living math list.

Bible/Spiritual Reading

  • (Weekly) Kid Uno will read aloud the passages scheduled by AO, and then narrate. Sometimes we’ll discuss the reading.
  • (Daily) We usually read to all the kids from Egermeier’s or The Jesus Storybook Bible or DH reads through a book of the Bible.
  • (2-3x Weekly) We (or I) will pick 1-2 lengthy passages per term for Kid Uno to memorize.  I might also assign some lists to memorize (like the books of the Bible).
  • (Weekly) Read one Saints: Lives and Illuminations with Kid Dos.


  • (Daily) We’ll take turns reading the scheduled AO poets. I’m dropping Longfellow (he’s scheduled again in Year 5, I believe) and replacing him with Vikram Seth and Marilyn Singer (for fun, and to branch out from American/British poets).
  • (2-3x Weekly) Kid Uno will memorize and recite 1-2 poems per term.


We are not at all following the AO history progression anymore.

  • I’m not using Our Island Story nor This Country of Ours. They are a bit dated, a bit imperialist, a bit racist, and a bit more detailed than I want for a six to nine year old. We still may use Our Island Story later, but probably not the This Country of Ours.
  • We are doing an overview of world history by reading A Child’s History of the World (the updated, not-racist version). One or two chapters a week. We read half in Year 2, and will finish it this year.
  • We aren’t using any of the AO scheduled biographies this year. They are scheduled based on AO’s history progression, so I’m subbing my own biography choices. I have all 51 titles in the  Signature series. Kid Uno read most of them in Year 2, and if she doesn’t finish them during vacation (for fun–not assigned), she can continue reading at least one each week.   She will read the book, narrate to me, find some places on the globe, and put some people/dates on her timeline. When she finishes that series, I will probably select some of the easier ones in the Landmark series, and assign them the same way. And/or read the bio of Teresa of Calcutta, scheduling about 1-2 chapters per week. Another option might be some of the Who Was series, which a friend of ours really likes (but I haven’t looked at them yet). They might especially be good for reading about more modern (post 1960) people.
  • Trial and Triumph: I dropped this permanently. Dislike the writing, and disagree with the religious POV.
  • I printed a free timeline from SCM and put it in a 3 ring binder. Every couple weeks, Kid Uno will add some names and dates from our readings. This will probably be the last year; in Year 4 she will probably start some version of a century book.


  • I’m moving Minn of the Mississippi from Year 4 to Year 3. I’d like to be done with the Holling books this year, and it will tie in nicely with my literature substitutions this year. 🙂 I’m scheduling one chapter per week.
  • I will probably move Marco Polo to Year 4, as I’m planning some sort of explorers theme for Year 4 history and geography. I like the Demi, Freedman, and Walsh Landmark versions best.
  • When we finish Minn (week 20), I’ll schedule a couple books from Mater Amabilis geography people and places for this year. They are a nice intro to Russia and China as big countries with many regions and people groups, and a gentle introduction to communism. Sovietrek: A Journey by Bicycle Across RussiaThe Children of China: An Artist’s JourneyA Little Tiger in the Chinese Night: An Autobiography in Art. We will map them as we read. The other Mater Amabilis geography books are on Kid Uno’s free read pile (they are fiction).
  • We’ll continue using the globe and maps to find places we read about.

Natural History/Science

Our science is also not looking at all like AO!

  • Handbook of Nature Study: I don’t use this at all. It’s for the teacher, not the student. It’s not open-and-go, and I think there are better modern options. Instead, we did the first half of Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding for Year 2, and will finish the second half this year. I try to find the suggested supplemental books at the library, and let Kid Uno pick a few to read.
  •  I may (or may not) have her do Nature Connection again this year. There are still activities she can do in the calendar section, and it might be neat to see how her work is different from Year 2. But if her workload is too heavy, this will be the first to go (or maybe do it once a month).
  • (Weekly) She’ll also keep a nature journal through the year. I usually assign her something specific outside to draw or paint. I might make it more methodical this year. For example, pick six different trees in our neighborhood. Spend one week drawing the shapes, another week the twigs and leaves, another time the flowers (or seeds, cones, berries, etc.), another week a bark rubbing and leaf rubbing…Another theme could be drawing an insect, an arthropod, a crustacean, a mammal, a bird, etc., paying attention to the differences.
  • We will read four of the One Small Square series, with Kid Dos. There are twelve books, and I plan to read them all in Years 1-3. They cover various habitats, with the various animals and plants that live there.
  • Pagoo: one chapter per week. Maybe we will get a horshoe crab? 😉
  • Secret of the Woods: dropping this (I find it annoying, and not the most effective way to learn about nature) (if I can find a cheap copy, I’ll add it to free reads). Subbing Wild Season, which I like a lot, two chapters per week.
  • (Daily) All our kids spend at least an hour outside daily, regardless of the weather. They get lots of nature time!
  • Continue explorative activities (rock tumbler, camping, nature walks, raising caterpillars, mixing liquids…)


  • We will read most the AO selections except
  • Parables from Nature. I pre-read a couple of the stories, and couldn’t stand the moralizing. Also, most of the forum comments I read said that the Year 1 children couldn’t understand much of it at all, and it took one or two years to grow into. So I decided not to bother, and instead we like
  • Among the….People. They are much more palatable. If we read 33 chapters per year, we will read all the books by Year 3. Kid Dos will be listening too, this year.
  • I’m also dropping Children of the New Forest and subbing Tom Sawyer. Kid Uno has been begging to read Tom Sawyer, and I think it is a much, much better book than COTNF (but is only a free read in Year 5???) I’m glad I pre-read COTNF–it was very long, predictible, unbelievable, and had such flat characters…or maybe I just didn’t like it and can’t imagine reading it aloud…it’s going on the free read pile.
  • And I am scheduling American Tall Tales much faster, and adding The People Could Fly. Great African-American folk tales.
  • For Shakespeare, we read Lamb’s. Then sometimes listen to it on Librivox. Then sometimes watch a movie version. Kid Dos will join this year.
  • Pilgrim’s Progress: Read Christiana’s journey.
  • Non-fiction: This is NOT Kid Uno’s favorite genre, but I think it’s important. We started strong in Year 2 (requiring one book per week) but lost it about half-way through the year. Will put more emphasis on it for Year 3. I have a bunch of short-ish books on the shelf for her to pick from 😉

Foreign Language


  • Continue violin lessons
  • Listen to various genres, composers, styles, and instruments
  • Learn three hymns/songs per term


  • (Daily) Drawing Lesson: She is interested in fashion and figure drawing, and wants to work on colored pencil. I have a couple of books she can pick from, so I think I’ll let her choose what she wants to work on each term (or month), and do a little bit daily.
  • (Weekly) Continue art projects from Scott Foresman. I think she left off on Grade 3.
  • (Weekly) I picked one artist per term (Georgia O’Keefe, John James Audubon, and Salvador Dali), and bought a coffee table art book by each artist. I’ll pick one painting each week for Picture Study.


  • Chores: She will learn some new ones 🙂
  • Maybe introduce some weaving that is more advanced than the potholder loom
  • Clay has been very popular here lately…experiment with some different types

Free Reads

  • Kid Uno is a reader–she has read most of the the AO Free Reads for Years 3 and 4, so I’ve been using other book lists to compile a large stack for her.


  • She and Kid Dos have been asking about gymnastics
  • Maybe soccer again in the spring? Maybe ballet again? Maybe baseball with Kid Tres?


There’s so much we can count as “school”! Pretty much just life in general. But I will try to keep track of the extras we do like

  • Tracy Aviary nature walks
  • A new baby!
  • Trips and camps
  • Maybe children’s theatre or a membership to the natural history museum this year?


  • At the end of each term, DH will do exams with Kid Uno. I’ll use the AO exams for Year 3, tweaking to fit the books we used.

So that was the first time planning Year 3!

Year 3 Wrap Up for Kid Uno

Year 3 Wrap Up for Kid Uno

Average weekly time: Together (3 hours), Kid Uno independently (13), total 16 hours


Rate each book (like, neutral, dislike).

Add a few comments.

Any changes for next child?

[My answers are italicized]



New Testament AO Selections

Dislike. I don’t really like reading the Bible. The thing picks out a lot of stories that I don’t like.

Like. She narrated well.

Old Testament AO Selections

Dislike. It’s very boring.

Dislike. The AO schedule was so confusing. I need to change it for coming years.


Like. It’s very fun, it has good stories.

Like. I think Kid Uno mostly liked the beautiful girl martyrs, but they were all good. I thought the level might be too easy for her, but it wasn’t.


Child’s History of the World

Neutral. Some parts I like, and some I don’t. Sometimes it’s fun and sometimes it’s boring.

Like. I love this book—I have learned so much. The last chapter about world peace was fluffy and skippable…I think I might read the Matthew passage about wars and rumors of war instead. 

Our Island Story

Dislike. It has a lot of dates I should memorize. All those battles.

Like. I actually haven’t read this. I wasn’t going to schedule it but Kid Uno asked to read it so I said yes as long as she wrote a narration after each chapter. It could be as long or as short as she wanted. I gave her a spiral notebook with some suggested questions to answer or help prompt narrations. She did well, and her illustrations were pretty great.


Dislike. Very, very dislike. So boring. Well, neutral—it’ll help me remember stuff but I don’t like writing it.

Neutral. Kind of a drag, but it’s only every three weeks, and it pays off later.

Theresa of Calcutta

Like. She helped the poor and it was a very interesting book.

Like. I haven’t read this since I was a kid, so I skimmed each chapter and we went through some concepts and vocabulary before she read and narrated.


Minn of the Mississippi

Dislike. Very boring.

Neutral. It’s okay. I like Holling C. Holling, but his use of dialogue to narrate doesn’t work very well, especially for read alouds. it gets confusing, especially in this book. I think Kid Uno liked the turtle parts, but didn’t learn much geography from it.


Neutral. It had some exciting parts but it’s all “I” [first person].

Like. We discussed communism and the USSR before she read. She filled in a printed map with some of the locations of the bike trip. I think it gave her a taste of Russian culture.

Little Tiger in the Chinese Night

Neutral. Like and dislike.

Like. We discussed communism before she read it. She filled in a printed map of China but she did it at the beginning of these two books, so I don’t know if she remembers much.

Children of China

Dislike. It wasn’t a very good story. I like stories, not like history. I don’t like non-fiction at all.

Like. We discussed communism before she read it. She filled in a printed map of China but she did it at the beginning of these two books, so I don’t know if she remembers much.


One Small Square Woods

Dislike. They’re boring and I know all those safety tips and stuff.

Neutral. Very Eastern—we don’t have those kinds of woods around here, so when we tried doing a small square on the Jordan River, it didn’t work so well. And it was winter 😉

One Small Square Seashore

Dislike. They’re boring and I know all those safety tips and stuff.

 Like. Read right after their trip to Florida, so some of it came alive.

One Small Square Savanna

Dislike. They’re boring and I know all those safety tips and stuff.

Like. This one is easy to follow.

One Small Square Pond

Dislike. They’re boring and I know all those safety tips and stuff.

Like. Fairly interesting. Some overlap with Among the People.

Among the People

Like. It’s really fun, and it’s also interesting, and it’s also stories, but I still learn something.

Like. I thought the eels crawling through mud was totally out there, until I googled it and it is true! And the humor is great at times.


Neutral. Sometimes it’s boring, sometimes it’s fun.

Like. This is one of Holling’s better ones. We learned a lot about hermit crabs, and a little about the ocean and food chains.

Wild Season

Like. Cuz it shows the food chain, it’s also really fun.

Like. This is a great book; that’s why I assigned it. J Rather than verbal narrations, she had a little notebook and I told her to do a one page illustration of the main idea of each chapter. They were great. And I think she picked up on the food chain concept pretty well.


Dislike. It’s science and I hate, hate, hate science, completely hate.

Neutral. This is such a great concept but I so dread implementing it. And Kid Uno whined about it. So halfway through the 3rd term, I just found all the non-fiction we own that line up with the ideas, assigned her a book to read, and discussed afterward. That worked a lot better. I have re-done my schedule for BFSU 1 and 2 for next year in the same format, but will be beefing it up with projects and videos.

Nature Journal

Dislike. Cuz I can’t pick what I like to draw, and it’s nature.

Like. Term 1 was the best, when I scheduled topics ahead of time. The other terms were haphazard, which was ok.

Nature Connection

Neutral. Cuz I ran out of projects and had to do it three years.

Neutral. I think it is worthwhile, but it is redundant now that I have more experience and more resources for nature study. This is Kid Uno’s third year with it, and that’s more than enough.


The Heroes

Like. Cuz it’s a story.

Like. Although I haven’t quite finished it 😦 I need to pre-read faster! A good, fairly short intro to mythology. Kid Uno read it on her own.

Princess and the Goblin

Like. Cuz it’s also a story, and it’s very fun cuz she finds her grandmother.

Like. Kid Uno had already read the abridged version, so she was a bit nonplussed to read this again. But she liked it, and kept asking to read ahead.


Neutral. Cuz sometimes it’s fun and sometimes it’s not.

Like. Especially Hamlet, since I’ve never read it before. I get some of the others mixed up since they are formulaic, but they are all good.

Pilgrim’s Progress

Dislike. Hate. The worst story imaginable. The younger one [Little Pilgrim’s Progress] is much, much better.

Dislike. Thanks, John Bunyan, for making me explain rape to a nine year old, and victim-blaming while you’re at it. Ugh. I keep waffling on whether to drop this, but I keep thinking who am I to argue with previous generations’ acclaim for a lauded classic….or something. But I am postponing it till Kids Dos and Tres are in Year 3 and 2, so I don’t have to read it again next year.

People Could Fly

Like. It has fun stories.

Like. This is one of my minority tweaks that I am really happy with. The stories are great, and Kid Uno picked up on the allusions to death.

Tom Sawyer

Like. Love. It’s so fun, and he goes on the best adventures.

Like. This was a great sub for Children of the New Forest. We did three chapters a week for one term, which was a lot of reading, but it was a good one to do together since she doesn’t understand a lot of the context. There were a couple boring chapters, but most was much better than I remembered as a kid.

Jungle Books

Like. Love. Fun stories. Very interesting. And I learned a different language about how to say animal.

Like. Kipling has really grown on me. This was amazing. Took about 45-60 min per chapter, so it was a lot of reading, but again a really good one to do together.

American Tall Tales

Like. It’s not true but it’s really fun.

Like. Classic tall tales. She’d already read most of them in another book, so I think we skipped some narrations.


William Blake

Like. It’s very pretty and nice and sweet.

Like. My only exposure to Blake was a terrible college class which took weeks to discuss Tyger and I hated it. Kid Uno and I read Songs of Innocence and Experience, and they were pretty cool, especially the original illustrations.

Vikram Seth

Hate. They’re not very good poems for me, and I don’t like what he writes.

Like. These were great story-poems (Beastly Tales), and another of my non-western additions.

Marilyn Singer

Like. They’re really good, and they’re backwards.

Like. We read Mirror Mirror and  Follow Follow. Very clever.

Sara Teasdale

Neutral. Some are good and some I don’t really like.

Like. But I think these would be more appreciated by an older someone, say 14ish. Kid Uno didn’t really get into them.


Rays Intellectual, Practical, and Test

Dislike. Hate. It’s the worst schoolbook in my whole life. It’s hard, it’s confusing, it’s very un-fun.

Like. I know Kid Uno doesn’t like it, but it is so simple, effective, and short. Although I assigned way too much long division at the beginning of that section, until I realized 10 problems took her 2 hours!

Strayer Upton

Like. It’s easy and fun and it tells the stories that goes along with it, and it makes it easy for me to understand.

Like. We finished half the red book. Kid Uno loves it (compared to Ray’s), and I like that I can pick sections where she can use some easy practice. It could be fairly self-teaching. Not as advanced as Ray’s; it’s probably about grade level.


Dislike. Hate. It gives me problems that sometimes I don’t understand; sometimes it’s really easy, sometimes it’s really hard. I like stuff to teach me but be very easy.

Like. The perfect complement to Ray’s. Kid Uno doesn’t love it, but she doesn’t complain about it much. She will finish it in Year 4.

Life of Fred

Neutral. I’d like to go into older books cuz it’s very easy. Some easy things I like, some I don’t.

Dislike. Actually closer to hate. Just inane, and she learns absolutely no math. The only redeeming quality is that she associates something funny with math. Kid Uno has been reading them on her own; I am done reading them forever; considered selling but will probably hang on to them and just let the kids read them when they want to.


Dislike. If it showed all the cards on the computer it would be faster because I wouldn’t have to flip cards over.

Like. She does multiplication or division a couple times a week, and has been getting faster. Takes about 10 minutes per set.


Pentime Grade 6 and 7

Neutral. I don’t like long things but I do like short things.

Like. Cheap, quick, effective, and pretty.


McGuffey’s Third Reader

Dislike. I like reading stories better than all that Bible stuff.

Like. This book is fairly boring, but it has been great for elocution. I’ve also used it as an early intro to dictation. She picks 2-3 spelling words at the end, studies them for a minute, puts the book down, and copies them.


Scott Foresman 4, 5

Like. But I’d rather be able to skip around

Like. We’ve continued using these for art projects. She is self-directed, and there is some good variety. We’ll move on to something else next year.

Pencil Drawing Books

Dislike. Not at all fun because I can’t draw what I like, and I like drawing people. I don’t like drawing their way.

Like. She has been working through her choice four weeks at a time, and I think it’s added to her skill.

Theatre at Children’s Theatre

Like. Our teachers were really good and nice.

Like. It was rough getting Kids Uno and Dos to classes during the winter at naptime with a new baby. But they really enjoyed it, and I think they learned some vocal and public speaking and memorization skills.

 Picture Study

John James Audubon

Like. It’s fun, and interesting.

Like. Good way to learn observation.

Georgia O’Keefe

Neutral. Some of her paintings I liked, some I didn’t. It’s not my type of drawing.

Like. The book I ended up with was tiny so I may upgrade for future kids.

Salvador Dali

Dislike. Hate. All that scary stuff and weird stuff and naked people.

Like. I thought Kid Uno would dislike him, but she was pretty into it.



Dislike. I don’t really like singing it together the way we do it.

Like. I love when we have learned one, and then we sing it at church, and she is happy because she knows this one!

Haydn, Beatles, Harp, Aaron Copeland, U2, Steel Drums, Debussey, Selena, French Horn

Like. Love. SELENA—she’s the best singer in the world…

Like. This was a fun assortment. I’m pretty sure Selena was the favorite.

Violin Lessons

Like. It helps me learn about all the notes, and I’ve been able to learn a little piano, and it’s been very fun.

Like. Her violin lessons have been very worthwhile.



Dislike. Hate. Because I don’t like memorizing. Unless it’s songs from movies. I don’t like being made to memorize. Maybe we should memorize songs instead.

Like. She doesn’t like to put much time into it until the end of the term. I thought letting her pick a passage would be more enjoyable, but she just picked the shortest ones possible.


Neutral. It’s not that fun.

Like. She doesn’t like to put much time into it until the end of the term. Maybe learning some techniques for memorizing would be helpful?


Emily’s Co-op

Like. Love. It’s so much fun, and I can make so many new friends, except I don’t get to see them a lot. Like A—he’s a friend of the C–. M—he was really fun, and we got to be great friends. Also A–.

Like. Emily was amazing to do this. Three hours every Friday morning for several weeks. The three older kids all learned some finger-knitting and Spanish, played parts in a fairy tale play, and did some nature journaling, and loved being with friends. The kids loved it.

Knitting, Weaving, Beeswax Candles, Microscope, Pet Care, Decorating Church for Easter, Clay, Making Rose Hip Tea, Origami, Making Lunch, Opening Pomegranates, Grocery Shopping, Legos, Beading, Gingerbread House, Baking Cookies, Brownies, Cake, and Pies, Felting Soap, Paper Cutting, Play Doh, Hand Sewing, Fairy House, Eco Art, Paper Fans, Building Fort, Harvesting Pine Nuts

Like. It’s fun.

Like. It’s all good!

Outdoor Exploration

Perseid Meteor Shower in West Desert, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Millcreek Canyon, Peace Garden, Sheepdog Festival, Week at Cabin in Grover, Tracey Aviary, Wheeler Farm, Neighborhood Seed Walk, Jordan River, Cattails, Aerospace Museum, Stockton, Treehouse, Tulip Festival, Thanksgiving Point, Discovery Gateway, Camping in Uintas, Week in Florida

Like. It’s very fun.

Like. One of the best parts of homeschooling.

 Sport/Physical Activity

Ballet at Missio

Like. Love. I even want to become a ballerina when I grow up. The teachers help me understand so that I’m able to do it right, and they are really patient and understanding. They always help me with it, even when I have lots of trouble. They say “you can do it”. Especially Laura—because she teaches my class and is always really helpful. They even give us breaks (which I don’t ask for).

Like. It’s free, the quality is equivalent to SLC Ballet which is not free, it’s nearby, DH usually takes them, and their performance was very sweet. It’s a keeper. Kid Uno is gifted at ballet; I need to look into whether she should take more or harder classes.


Neutral. It’s pretty hard, but it’s kind of fun to get rewards for it.

Like. DH times the kids running around the block, and tracks their records on a spreadsheet. And Kid Uno ran her first 5k this year!

Hikes, Bike Rides, Tennis, Yard Golf, Bounce House, Snow Play, Sledding, Ice Skating, Swimming

Like. They’re really fun.

Like. All great activities.


Like. It’s fun.

Like. All four older kids took several weeks of classes at the rec center. It was a good cheap way to see if they were all really interested like they said they were. I think we’ll do it again this winter.

Overall evaluation: Our family is very strong in spending time reading, crafting, sporting, socializing,  and spending time outside. We have acquired Legos and more board games this year; Kid Uno has enjoyed both. She is a very self-directed learner…needs a little instruction, and she’s off. Comes up with a lot of her own ideas and implements them on her own. She did most of her work independently, and is all set for complete independence in Year 4.  She took the ITBS and DORA/ADAM. The DORA/ADAM were much more useful for me. She’s at or above grade level in everything except geometry. I need to look ahead and see if our maths cover that more next year [since Kid Dos also tested low in that area], or if I should add something. Origami? 😉 She’s a super reader, and I am always scrambling to find more free reads for her. I’d eventually like her to enjoy reading books written in first person; they are the only ones she won’t read. We didn’t use much media again this year; next year I am putting some movies/documentaries/music right on the schedule so I remember to do them. Kid Uno does enjoy Storybird, Oregon Trail, online math games, and watching ballet and sports. I’m happy with the changes I made to Year 3 (compared to the AO version). It ended up being a bit more time consuming for Kid Uno than I wanted it to be (I was aiming at about 15 hours a week), but she rose to the occasion (and I eventually cut back on math). The distribution of work throughout the week was perfect, but I want to protect her daily free time, so I’m keeping that in mind in my Year 4 planning. No more than 20 hours a week next year, I hope.