Wrapping Up Year 1 With Kid Cuatro

Average weekly time: Together (4), alone (5), total hours (9)


Rate each book (like, neutral, dislike).

Add a few comments (my comments are italicized).

Any changes for next child or next year?


Bible/Spiritual Reading


Like. It’s about the Bible and it’s fun.

Like. I read it 1x or 2x per week at lunchtime to all the kids. Then they answer a question or two each. I like the narrative approach to the Bible.

Little Pilgrim’s Progress

Like. Loved! It’s so fun.

Like. So much better than Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress (at least for the 5-10 age bracket).



50 Famous Stories

Like. Loved! So fun. One of the best stories was “what kingdom do I belong to?”

Like. I ran out of time and skipped 2-3 of the weird ones like Mignon. She liked the stories, although there are only a couple with girls.

D’Aulaire Pocahontas, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington

Like. Pocahontas became friends, BF invented so many things, and GW did not want to become king.

Like. She looked forward to these and understood a lot. Ran out of time and skipped Buffalo Bill so she can free read it next year.


Neutral. You have to write so many things and I don’t know where and it always slants –and then it’s fun.

Neutral. I don’t know how much sticks, but we only do it every 3 weeks so it’s not much effort.



Paddle to the Sea

Like. Loved! He travels to so many places.

Like. It’s the best Holling book. She needs to watch the little video.


Nature Study/Science

Among the People

Like. Loved! There are so many funny stories and morals.

Like. We had fun laughing at the silly/naughty animals and morals.

Small Square: Woods, Coral Reef, Seashore

Neutral. Seashore was the best.

Neutral. I’m getting a little tired of reading them out loud and may switch to something else next year. They are starting to feel a bit Usborne-y.

Nature Journal

Neutral. It’s kind of hard to draw. I love to draw nature and stuff. I’m always trying to make it look just right.

Neutral. I’ve had a hard time getting any of the kids to put any effort into them. I may do more directed nature journals or do object lessons next year.




Like. Loved it so much! It’s the best thing in the world. It explains the sunset and all the food she eats and Grandmama and Clara.

Like. A great read aloud.


Like. Loved it. It was so funny.

Neutral. I’m not sure why this has been so popular over time; seems like the moral is “go to school and be obedient.” Ours had some very funny translations.

Milly Molly Mandy and More Milly Molly Mandy

Like. Amazing! Cuz of all the treasure hunting and parcel story.

Like. She and Kid Cinco loved ‘em. Kids Dos and Tres often listened in 😊

Winnie the Pooh and House at Pooh Corner

Like. Cuz of the silly donkey thingy.

Like. Lol—Eyeore?

Farmer Boy

Like. Love it so much.

Like. So much food! She got into Little House and is finishing the series on her own.


Like. It was awesome.

Like. I did drawings for about the first half of each play so we could keep everyone straight.



Shakespeare Sonnets and Love Poems

Dislike. It was kinda hard to read.

Dislike. Not a success.

Ogden Nash


Neutral. Funny, but totally over kids’ heads.

AA Milne

Neutral. Some were funny and silly and some I didn’t get.

Like. I think Kid Cinco enjoyed these more than she did.



Ray’s Primary (Addition and Subtraction)

Dislike. Hated. I didn’t get a single problem.

Like. 10 minutes about 4x/week  and it is good mental math. She finished early in the year so we just focused on Miquon the last few weeks because I didn’t feel she was ready to move on to multiplication and division yet.


Dislike. Hated. It’s so hard. Except for the clock ones.

Like. Good for her, but she needs to do it with me most of the time.

I Love Math

Neutral. I read almost all of them. I read all the fun stories in every single book.

Like. I’ll have her read them next year too. It’s only 1x/week.



Pentime Handwriting

Neutral. It was hard. And it was fun to color in the stuff.

Like. She begged for it and did so much extra.



Phonics Pathways

Dislike. It was hard.

Like. Her reading level is very high. Didn’t miss not doing 100 Easy Lessons with her.

McGuffey Primer and First Reader

Like. It was fun.

Like. Lol—boring but good practice reading aloud.


Foreign Language

Duolingo Spanish, Greek, Japanese

Like. Love! So fun.

Neutral. I think the kids spend a lot of time on the computer and I have no idea how much actual language learning is going on.



Drawing Handbook

Neutral. Hard and fun.

Like. She is very hard on herself.


Picture Study

Five In A Row (Children’s Books)

Like. I loved it so much! It was so funny—Make Way For Ducklings was the funniest.

Like. I really enjoyed doing FIAR this year.



Hoffman Academy Piano

Dislike. Hated. For the first part, he made us do Hot Cross Buns.

Neutral. It’s free and is self-teaching. Kids Tres and Cuatro especially learned from it since they started from zero musical knowledge.  I’d really like to get real music lessons next year.


Overall Evaluation:

Changes for future kids? I don’t advise you to change anything for Kid Cinco’s Year 1, but you should make him do poetry (like Jelly Belly), the drawing book I did with the circles for bodies and stuff, and the picture study I used to do.

I may do more FIAR for years 0-3 or 4. I’ll probably change the science read alouds for Year 1.


Changes for next year? I’d really love Trixie Belden. For one of the read-alouds, I’d love The Dollhouse. And Heidi Grows Up.

Definitely keeping group read alouds. Maybe include some non-fiction. I think a reading log would be good for her. Also a good art program. And music lessons.





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