How We Do….Books for Babies

We love babies here (obviously) 🙂

And we love books…so here is a short list of books, many of which have lasted from Kid Uno to Kid Cinco. That means books we can stand reading over, and over, and over. And they generally have nice illustrations. Most of these come as board books. Some other time I’ll post our favorite non-board books (for little kids).

First, some authors:

anything by Iza Trapani

anything by Sylvia Long

anything by Maurice Pledger

anything by Eloise Wilkin (if you don’t like 1940s culture, you may not like these)

many by Karen Katz

many by Cyndy Szekeres

Hop on Pop, Dr. Suess’s ABC, and Mr. Brown Can Moo by Dr. Seuss

some Corduroy books

some Curious George books

the Carl books (our kids love these; DH and I not so much. They are mostly wordless, so you have to make up the story)

a few by Sandra Boynton

And some titles:


Chicka Chicka ABC

The Napping House

Pat the Bunny

Wheels on the Bus

I Went Walking

Clap Your Hands

Five Little Ladybugs

Buzz-Buzz Busy Bees

Five Little Monkeys

(those last three don’t have much of a story, but the kids love the rhyming and counting)


So if you have a little (or big) baby who needs some little books, maybe these could be a beginning. But don’t pay full price! They are cheap used if you get ’em online, and I’ve seen lots of them at thrift stores and garage sales and library sales. If you have any favorites not on this list, let me know…board books are quick reads, so I’m always looking for new ones.




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